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Innovatech Press Release

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Welcome To Innovatech – Where Performance Is Priority One

When it’s your business to make residential, commercial and industrial buildings look spectacular, serious machinery is needed. At Innovatech, our product line includes the solutions you need to get the job done right the first time. We specialize in producing the highest performance floor grinders, carpet removal, concrete floor polishing machines available, along with a variety of other related products.

Superior Concrete Polishers & Grinders & Floor Removers - Our Specialty

For years, Innovatech has been world renowned for its high quality concrete floor grinder models and other superior designed maintenance machines. From our headquarters in Everett, Washington, we manufacturer floor grinders, tile removal, concrete polishing tools and other vital pieces of machinery for the professional cleaning, construction and maintenance industries.

At Innovatech, we take our reputation and your satisfaction seriously. Whether you are looking for concrete grinding polishing equipment or you need a machine that can handle the rigors of floor removal, you’ll discover Innovatech leads the industry in performance. We are simply committed to designing and producing the very best available.

Our Floor Removal & Preparation Equipment Line Includes Such Items As:

I-Shine – This is the most advanced concrete polishing system in the world. These superior pads are meant to work with our Predator line of floor grinders. They deliver ease of use, exceptional speed, value and more. This product line also boasts no diamond glazing and can handle uneven floors with ease. When a serious concrete polisher is needed, the I-Shine line will not disappoint.

The Terminator line – This product line is designed to stand up to the most difficult floor removal requirements. The models in this line function as tile scraper units, carpet removal systems and more. From smaller machines meant for residential applications to those designed for serious industrial use, we produce them all.

The Predator line – Our concrete polishing systems are among the very best in the industry. The Predator line was created from the ground up in our Washington headquarters to produce the results our customers demand. This line includes machines for heavy duty use and those meant for light commercial and residential applications. When your need involves floor grinders, the Predator line leads the pack for polishing concrete, marble, terrazzo, granite and natural stone.

Other products – At Innovatech, we are pleased to offer our customers access to a wide variety of other machines designed to suit their needs. From shotblasters and dust collection units to scarifiers and more, we only produce the best. You can count on any machine in the Innovatech line to produce the results you are after every time.

If you’re in the market for floor grinders and other machines that produce professional results, Innovatech has the solutions you seek. Just browse our extensive product line and see for yourself while Innovatech leads the industry. We are committed to producing only the very best.

Should you have any questions about our product line, just contact us directly. We are available at 1-800-267-6682. When you rely on Innovatech to provide your concrete polisher equipment and other floor machines, you will receive dependability and performance you can count on. We are simply committed to producing only the very best.